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Barbanel undertakes missions in the fluids engineering of tertiary and industrial buildings, bringing added value to each project in the shape of quality and technological innovation.


Thermal engineering for buildings, efficient energy supply and consumption.


French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing.


Thermal, energy, health and environment engineering for buildings.

École des Mines ParisTech

Scientific center for Energy and Processes, Mines ParisTech.

Chaire « Éco-Conception »

VINCI and 3 ParisTech schools, Mines ParisTech, École des Ponts ParisTech and AgroParisTech, have established in November 2008 a long term partnership in the field of eco-design of buildings and infrastructure.


Thermal performance for buildings, energy supply and consumption engineering.


Interdisciplinary network of professionals in the field of cancer treatments in Brittany.


Community-based realtime air traffic tracking.

Ponts ParisTech

City, mobility and transport research center of Ponts ParisTech.

Les 7 Vents du Cotentin

Energy management and sustainablement development engineering.

Cap Environnement

Atmospheric quality assessments and engineering.

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