An online collaborative tool for project management and effective teamwork

AtikTeam integrates a consistent set of features targeted at project management, communication and collaboration. Offered as a cloud service, AtikTeam strives for ease of use, reliability and safety.

Numerous advantages

project management softwareEasyAtikTeam is easy to get started with. Available in a minute, full-web, zero install, the service can be used directly from your web browser.collaborative toolsFlexibleAtikTeam let you organize your projects spaces the way you need. Enable modules, invite people from inside your organisation or from outside, and get started.
enterprise project managementMultiprojectsThe number of projects in your application in unlimited, so you can properly isolate your various activities and workgroups. Only the members of a project can see securitySecureCommunication with your application happens through a secured internet connection channel, with authentication and SSL encryption.
data reliabilityReliableThe Atikteam service is hosted on a high availability cluster of hardware, with automatic replication and projectsInternationalisedAtikTeam is also available in French and locales can be configured on a per-user basis.