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Situation statement

As you know, the health situation we are going through calls for caution, and for the implementation of all possible precautions to protect the most vulnerables, as well as all medical personnel on the front line.

At AtikTeam, we are fully aware of the responsibility which is ours during this period with our users, and in especially with those who telecommute. You need to be able to fully rely on your tools to adapt your organizational methods.

We therefore wish to inform you that the availability of the service is fully assured, your AtikTeam collaborative platform will respond to all your needs in optimal conditions, without any degradation or interruption. We have taken care to gather the hardware capacities necessary to follow an increase in your needs and load.

Besides, to help companies that need to set up a telecommunting platform as soon as possible, AtikTeam will be free for the first month of any new subscription during the crisis period, and we will ensure accompaniment by email and by telephone as for all our others clients. Please relay this information to your contacts, you can forward this email if you wish.

We send you our best feelings, and we stay available for your needs.

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