Share your projects files and work as a team

A high performance file store to share, organise and update your documents.

Open store

All your file formats work with the file store. You can therefore upload and share quickly your documents, reports, spreadsheets, pictures and all your project content.

all file formats are compatible
sort by tag

Tags based organisation

The powerful tags system allows you to update and find back your files instantly. Simpler, more flexible and more powerful than traditional folders, the tags system will help you keep your documents organized in the long term.

Versions tracking

Whenever you upload a new version of a file, the file store keeps track of previous versions. In addition to the safety gain, versions tracking helps you work in team and get a better understanding of your files workflow.

manage file versions
office files sharing

Office files special support

Office documents (MS Office, OpenOffice and PDF) have special support in the file store. For example, you can quickly preview them online, search content in full-text mode, and even compare versions content.


AtikTeam offers to automatically send an email to a selection of project members when you upload a new file or a new version of a file. Your team will receive your comments, as well as a link to download the files. With things being kept organized in one place, mail boxes not being filled up, and people being notified, you get a perfect mix for efficient teamwork.

email management

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