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The wiki is the most flexible form of knowledge management system. In the wiki, your team collaboratively create, read and update a group of page, directly online.

Consolidate your knowledge

The wiki system helps you consolidate your team knowledge collaboratively. Everyone can find information quickly, link to other documents and update content to keep it up to date.

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Navigating content

Wiki pages are designed to be linked to each others, in order to improve and ease knowledge accessibility. With links, you can navigate from a document to an other in a single clic, are incrementally explore the knowledge available.


Sometime tables are the most direct and efficient way of presenting your data. AtikTeam comes with a table wizard to help you create and update your tables in the wiki.

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A figure is often worth a thousand words! In the wiki, you can illustrate your documents by placing figures, pictures, photo and everything you need.


For your most technical pages, the wiki has a Maths features allowing insertion of simple or complexe formulas, using the common LaTeX syntax.


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