Getting started with automatic backup

The optional module backup allows you to automatically keep a history of your application AtikTeam on your own server. With it, you can browse your data regardless of network status, service or your subscription.


First, you need to order this optional module to activate it in the interface. To do this, go to your management console and modify your subscription. Contact us for any question about this.


A special software installed on your machine will take care of making periodic backups. You will be able to browse this data with a simple internet browser.

Important notes :

  • all projects are saved, enabled and disbled
  • no control access is applied in the backup when viewing data. Indeed, this system is designed for static backup of data online, this is not a local version of the application. As such, all the dynamic features of the application (permissions access to data, full-text search, dynamic generation of schedule etc.) will be missing from the backup.

You can keep multiple backups if you want, in order to provide a guarantee of a traceability and a possibility of returning “in the past” to view data that has changed since.

The technique of data recovery and storage is very fast. Only differences from one version to another are downloaded and stored. Thus, a new backup will not occupy that little bandwidth and storage.

Installation and launch

You must download the software that will take care of backups automatically. This component exists for MS Windows (7 or more), as well as for GNU / Linux.

Neither installation nor any special privilege on your system are required to use this component.

Download the atikteam-backup software

MS Windows

If you have Microsoft Windows, you must download the version WIN32 backup software. Save this program in a safe folder.

To launch it just click on it: a dialogue window opens to inform you of the program’s operating status.

To start the program automatically when you start your system, follow the following procedure:

  • right click, then create a shortcut.
  • open the Start menu, then Applications
  • add your shortcut in the Startup menu

GNU / Linux

You can download the most suitable version for your system from this page.

Download the atikteam-backup software

For this program to run on your system, you must install the following dependencies:

  • GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (libgmp)

Save the executable to a folder of your choice. You can launch it in console (make sure beforehand that it is well executable, otherwise: chmod u + x atikteam-backup …).

For a summary of options, use the - h option.

Daily operation

The backup program must run in the background to perform the new backups and serve the data. To stop it, close the dialog window.

Browse your backups

Access your backup software with your browser, typically at http://localhost:5500. To change the port, see the settings documentation below.

Enter the saved application, and choose the date of navigation. You can navigate the past using the system of incremental backups.

The display of data is minimal, so you can quickly find your information.

Use the menu at the top of the pages to go back, and click on the date to navigate to another date.

Backup system settings

Access to your backup software is done with a browser internet, at http://localhost:5500.

If this port is not available on your system, specify the launch line of your program the setting - p PORT, and log on to http://localhost:PORT.

Start saving your application

An authorization key is required to start backing up your application. You will find this key in the Admin part of your AtikTeam application (this is your online application, no backup). Check admin documentation. Copy this key, and paste it into your backup application, then validate.

Warning: this security key is used to authorize the software to access and backup your data. As your own password, do not distribute it, as anyone in its possession would be able to download your data just like you.

Backup settings

Set the parameters in the form of your application, and click save.

First backup

The first backup may take several hours, depending on the size of your application and the speed of your network. Leave it running as long as necessary. You can stop it without issue, it will resume downloading automatically at next launch.

Next backups

The following backups will be much faster, and will be done automatically in the background if the program is running.