Project Manager’s Guide

Each project on AtikTeam must have at least one project manager. This role is assigned to one or more members for any project. A project manager has specific permissions for managing the project. There may be several managers per project, and a user can be the manager of several projects.

When you have this role, the Configuration project tab opens access to the project settings detailed below.


In this page, you can choose the name and the description of the project.

In the visibility part, a project manager can make the project space “public”. A public project is a project space that can be seen by users of your application who are not not explicitly members. However, editing is not allowed to these people. Please note that this is still private to your usersj, and foreign people, from outside your application, will never be able to access your project spaces.


Use this page to define a color chart as well that a logo for your project, to identify it more easily and more quickly.


Enable or disable the modules you need in the toolbox of your project space. Disabling a module does not delete content related to this module, but makes it inaccessible until it is re-activated.


Each project has a list of members, and each member has a defined role that controls its degree of responsibility within this space. Indeed, the role defines the permissions of the user. When the project is not “public” (see above), only explicitly selected members will be able to to access it.

The choice of members and the assignment of roles is done in a three-fold interface: Project Manager, Collaborator, Observer. By navigating in these three parts, you can choose members and their roles.

The permissions associated with the three roles are defined in the page Roles, just below.


Tags allow you to classify the data of your project. You can add, edit or delete the tags available in your project.


Any content of conversations or wiki pages may include a number of images. An inventory of these images is available here, for consultation or deletion.


If you activate the module “Resources access restrictions”, you can set document-per-document access permissions and restrictions (document = resource). Permissions are designed to allow only certain project groups to access a specific documents. These groups are actually subgroups of the whole working group of the project. You can create and modify these groups from this part of the interface.


Here the project manager can restore or permanently delete documents of the project space.