AtikTeam web interface

The AtikTeam web interface is your main contact with the service. You can conduct project management in a simple way, work in team and overview the activity.

Principles of the interface

AtikTeam can host as many independent projects as you want, each with its own organizational spaces and its own team. On the web interface, some access and some settings are common to all projects, others are specific to a project in particular you are working on.

The header of all pages is common, it is usually composed of 3 headbands, the first being at the top and composed of links. The second is just below it it contains on the left is the name of the AtikTeam application, the name of the current project, and on the right a search box and a project browser. Finally, third banner is activated only when visiting a project, and contains the tabs to the different parts of the management of the project. Common accesses are through the buttons on the first banner, at the very top of the web interface, so here you will find your user preferences, project list, your page personal etc.

Navigation banners in the AtikTeam interface, in 3 parts

The access specific to each project is done in the buttons of the third banner, this is where access to the different modules project management, such as supervision, creation or consultation of actions or wiki pages etc.

Common access

The application-level accesses of the web interface are in the first banner of links at the top of the interface.

Application-level access banner
  • Home brings to the application dashboard. You can add indicators (widgets) to your convenience by clicking on the green (+) that appear when hovering between widgets.
  • Projects shows the list of all running projects
  • My Page opens your personal page and allows you to adjust your preferences
  • Help brings you to this website
  • Logout allows you to close your current access, for example for security reasons


A search box is available at the top right. When you search from inside a project, everything belonging to this project will be searched, ie the wiki pages, the actions, the ads, but also the contents of the files. When outside projects, everything from every projects will be searched.

Project name and search banner

Project toolbox and toolbar

When you enter a project, the third banner appears and gives you access to different tools of the project management. These tabs are detailed below.

Toolbar for project space tools


The Dashboard tab opens the dashboard of the project. You can add insert widgets to your convenience by clicking on the green (+) that show up when you hover the mouse.


The Journal tab displays a syntetic report of the latest events on the project: new content, modified content, planning modifications etc.

Boxes in the right column are here to filter the content and quickly make a personalized report. If you want to subscribe to this report as Atom feed, use the link at the bottom to right of the activity page.

For more information, see the page on Activity.


The Wiki tab is the entry point to browse pages of project documentation. You can also edit and create new pages directly online.

For more information, visit the Wiki documentation.


The tab File takes you to the file sharing repository.


The Planning tab gives you access to the toolbox for projects management, with planning, distribution of responsibilities, reporting, gantt chart, calendar etc.

For more information, please visit the documentation about online project management.


The Discussions tab lists recent discussions and allows to create new ones.

For more information,read the page explaining the tools for corporate communication.


The Configuration allows the project manager to set up the project, information, members, modules, appearance and many other aspects..

For more information, read the project manager how to.